Creative entrepreneur invigorates new life into antique pieces

By Pierre Ross on 21 February 2019

From an early age, ACCEL entrepreneur Roxanne Brathwaite had been passionate about furniture and design. As a child playing with her doll house, Braithwaite would throw out the dolls and play with the miniature furniture instead! As she grew older, she grew out of doll houses, but maintained her eye for furniture. Often, Roxanne would take home … Read the rest

Say Cheese! ACCEL Entrepreneur Serves Up Vegan Option for East End Community

By Pierre Ross on 26 November 2018

An important part of starting your own business is being at the right place at the right time and often, the best businesses come at the perfect time and take advantage of an opportunity.  This was the case for ACCEL entrepreneur, Melissa James.

James is the founder of East End Vegan, a company specializing in almond cheese, a dairy-free alternat… Read the rest

Student Pitch Competition 2018

By acceladmin on 15 October 2018

At ACCEL we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are within everyone’s reach. If you have ideas, products or services, or if you are looking to get a new business off the ground and do not know where to start, ACCEL can help! ACCEL is about reducing barriers and providing opportunities.

The ACCEL student pitch competition is is open to cur… Read the rest

Q & A with ACCEL Coach Richard Healy

By Pierre Ross on 12 February 2018

At ACCEL, there are experienced coaches available to provide a service to support community and student entrepreneurs.

Richard Healy is a coach at ACCEL who mentors entrepreneurs using the many years of experience he has. ACCEL coaches provide feedback and advice to entrepreneurs in the program, and help answer questions about starting or … Read the rest

ACCEL Entrepreneur Continues to Grow Kids Media Company

By Pierre Ross on 20 November 2017

Upptack Studios Managing Director/Co-Founder and ACCEL graduate Anthony Suen has been growing his company steadily since taking part in the ACCEL program.

Suen has recently completed the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Fund Futures program for emerging independent digital content creators to accelerate their business viabil… Read the rest