Ideas Magically Brought to Life!


We’ve all heard it said, “It’s not magic. It’s just hard work”. True. But here in the ACCEL Zone, there is something magic about hard work.

There’s something very different about hanging around young people who have great ideas. When those same new professionals are sharing ideas about business, talking about starting their own business and helping each other…that’s an entirely different experience.

It’s magic, really.

What I mean by magic is that without seeing how, something appears from seemingly nothing. In this case, watching and trying as hard as I can to see how they do it… these entrepreneurs create tangible businesses from the invisible territory of their minds. Something is pulled out of a hat. The audience is in awe. People pay for what they do. Amazing.

It’s not the same as illusion. Illusionists, while very talented, master the art of distraction. Their skills lie in making something seem like something else. They entertain. They surprise. They flabbergast.

But what they don’t do is inspire.

Inspiration comes from magic. When I hang out at the ACCEL Zone, I see magic every day. One entrepreneur was demonstrating his new product and passing around samples. This product came from his passion for time. Another entrepreneur has a passion for art. Still another new entrepreneur has a passion about connections. From the invisible comes something that changes my world – something that wasn’t there before.

Oh, we can say it’s scientific. We can say it’s all a process. We can say it’s a logical progression of tactics. And we’d be right. But not entirely right.

Because an idea is not logical. An idea is a beautiful thing. An idea backed by passion backed by hard work is unbeatable. So to be here, in the ACCEL zone in the illogical of ideas – and the passion for those ideas – is probably one of the best ever sources of inspiration. And so that’s what I mean by different. You think magic is a big secret: A hidden gem of some kind. Nope.

Entrepreneurialism is hard work. Entrepreneurs are magic. What we see here happening every day is inspiring. And it’s real. That’s our kind of awesome.

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