We are your resource for all things entrepreneurial!

Welcome to the Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (COIE) – a hub within Centennial Innovates, the Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship department of Centennial College. This site is the home to innovative and experiential entrepreneurial programs and activities at Centennial College supporting students, staff and community to develop the sustainable entrepreneurial mindset and key essential skills to succeed in their personal, professional, societal and business goals, and become change leaders.

Who are we?

At the Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are within everyone’s grasp. We also believe that sustainability and social entrepreneurship are increasingly important in the world today.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower human and organizational potential through entrepreneurial mindsets and actionable lifelong skills for career, personal, enterprise and societal success.

We are dedicated to relentless focus on innovation for transforming lives and communities to make the world better, through agile, experiential programs and activities for sustainable social as well as conventional entrepreneurship, developing the mindset and key essential skills to future-proof careers and develop change leaders.

We are also continuing the work to embed entrepreneurship learning outcomes into curriculum across all schools. We are working with our academic partners to support students’ learning towards the skills needed to flourish in an ever-changing global economy.

The Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship provides all the resources needed to learn about entrepreneurship in the classroom, learn and practice entrepreneurship skills through experiential co-curricular program and learning activities and opportunity to hone these through our multi-track programming suitable for all levels – from early explorers to operating businesses.

Our programs are open to students, staff and community, and they are available to work-integrated learning options, including internships, or field placements opportunities.

As you look around this site, you will find tools and resources to help you get going – check them out to see what we have to offer!