Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024

Our students excel and shine at the COIE Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 this weekend 

A purposeful, fun and actionable facilitated experiential learning program for changemaking and leadership skills aligning with our Academic Plan and generously supported by Diane Blake

The Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 weekend program held between March 8th – 10th provided purposeful fun and actionable facilitated experiential learning, focusing on changemaking and leadership skills. Centennial students demonstrated remarkable leadership and active participation in all three winning teams.

The Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024: An Overview

The Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 24, meticulously organized by the SDG Innovation Lab, Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (COIE), Centennial Innovates and supported by Canadian partners including OSPE, UNDP, and Digital Society School Amsterdam, showcased a sophisticated and multi-stage program that exemplified best-in-class methodologies.

This unique program made a substantial contribution to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while simultaneously nurturing future-oriented skills among its participants. It achieved this by immersing them in a collaborative, problem-solving environment, facilitated by experts and guided by Mentors at every stage.

Throughout this intensive event, ten teams embarked on a transformative journey, commencing from scratch on a Friday, and remarkably, within just 2 1⁄2 days by Sunday, were able to conceptualize, develop, and present well-conceived solutions to a distinguished panel of Judges. This remarkable progress was facilitated by the application of cutting-edge methodologies that included flipped classroom techniques, experiential learning, team-based collaboration, and iterative experimentation using industry-leading approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile—all deeply rooted in sustainability principles. These methodologies were diligently supported by a rich repository of in-house experts, external thought leaders, mentors, and industry trailblazers, all synergistically harnessing curated open resources to drive innovative and creative solutions to significant, real-world problems.

The Global Goals Jam Canada plenary was inaugurated by Jonathan Hack and Lalit Guglani, featuring a special message from Marco van Hout, co-founder of the Global Goals Jams, and inspiration from 4 illustrious keynote speakers:

  • Sandra Odendahl, Senior VP and Head, Sustainability and Diversity, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
  • Bruce Taylor, Founder & President, Enviro-Stewards Inc.
  • David Nicholas Oswald, Founder & President, DE Design + Environment Inc. and Associate Faculty, Royal Roads University
  • Angie Redecopp, Corporate & ESG Lawyer, Impact Business Law

This distinguished lineup set the tone for a weekend that would ultimately redefine the participants’ approach to tackling global challenges.

This unique programming, built around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) presented specific and contemporary challenges for participants to tackle, organized into two overarching themes—aligning with the SDGs’ focus on both people and the planet:

Theme 1: Designing a Thriving Planet for All

Theme 2: Designing Equitable Communities for All

Check out the detailed report of our Global Goals Jam Themes & Topics too!

Alongside Design Thinking (inspired by Stanford/Ideo), the Lean LaunchPad methodology – pioneered by institutions like Stanford University, Columbia Business School, and UC Berkeley – played a pivotal role in helping participants craft repeatable and scalable business models for their innovative solutions. It’s noteworthy that the Lean LaunchPad methodology is taught in over 200 universities worldwide and forms the foundation of the U.S. National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program, setting the standard for commercializing scientific breakthroughs in the United States. Two additional iterations of the Lean LaunchPad®, “Hacking for Defense” and “Hacking for Diplomacy,” are tailored to address national defence and foreign policy challenges.

This comprehensive and thoughtfully designed event represented a convergence of talent, innovation, and cutting-edge methodologies. It fostered experiential and agile learning within a team environment where participants were not just learners but active contributors to peer learning. In summary, the Global Goals Jam Canada Winter event represented a sophisticated and transformative experience that exemplified the best practices in contemporary education and problem-solving.

The speakers engaged the 71 plenary attendees in a holistic view of sustainability, providing engineering, sustainable finance, ESG legislation, creative media, and agricultural, economic, and governance perspectives to eager participants.

In addition to a strong student response that included participation from various colleges, the Jam also featured faculty leadership and expertise from the various schools within Centennial (School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design, and School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts).

32 executive mentors from post-secondary institutes, government, corporations and community groups (including Toronto Metropolitan University, George Brown College, Business Development Bank of Canada and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers) came and provided guidance and mentorship to the teams on themes, business ideas, pitches, developing virtual prototypes, and integrating advice and feedback throughout the design journey. At the end of the design jam, three teams were awarded prizes totaling $4,500 based on evaluation by the panel of esteemed judges below. 

Our Winning Teams:

Harmony-Hub Initiative – Overall Winner

Project overview:

“Harmony-Hub Initiative” is a mobile app which aims to eliminate chaos in meal planning and preparation by introducing meal-sharing groups, menu planning, and communal cooking sessions. This approach helps save money by pooling resources for affordable communal meals. What sets this solution apart is its focus on creating healthier and more affordable community meals. These meals are planned collaboratively by members and nutritionists, ensuring they meet health standards while remaining cost-effective.

the app enhances cooking experiences by making them less isolating when done alone. It also provides access to a powerful community centered around collaboration and sharing for the common good. By reducing food waste and encouraging healthier eating habits through shared menu planning, the solution promotes efficient use of ingredients in collaborative cooking. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community and connection among participants.


  • Team Lead: Temitope Olorunda (The Business
  • Mike Defazio (School of Community and Health Programs)
  • Yaatu Adem (School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science)
  • Sumaiya Parveen (School of Engineering Technology and
    Applied Science)

Ecobeacons – 2nd Place

Project overview:

AGRIHUB is a platform that connects farmers with new graduates to create a better future through job creation and career pathways. It offers matchmaking services, powered by AI, to facilitate these connections. The platform also focuses on implementing sustainable practices and provides updates on sustainable resources and news. Additionally, AGRIHUB offers accessibility to training programs and uses AI to optimize results for both farmers and graduates seeking career pathways in agriculture.

AGRIHUB utilizes AI-powered tools like automated machinery and drones to enhance precision farming, improve crop monitoring, and optimize resource use. These tools help identify crop diseases early, recommend solutions, and predict weather patterns accurately. By processing data, AGRIHUB provides actionable insights for informed decision-making, benefiting both farmers and new graduates in the agricultural sector.


  • Team Lead: Muriel Assande (School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts)
  • Nischal Khanal (School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, SETAS)
  • Sai Teja Nagunoori (The Business School)
  • Alvin Huang

Imageneer – 3rd Place

Project overview:

The Imageneer Unified Toolkit Platform empowers learning instructors and children by offering guided instructions, art-based teaching methods, and gender-transformative teaching strategies for teachers. Students benefit from interactive digital games and activities aligned with lesson plans, providing a personalized learning experience.

By gathering feedback from high-priority neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area and educational institutions across Canada. The next phase involves collaborating with government officials, policymakers, and data analysts to produce high-quality reports. The platform aims to create a gender-sensitive learning environment and is targeted towards educational institutions and community centres.


  • Team Lead: Leah Marcelo (School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design)
  • David Lam (School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science)
  • Cherry Wu
  • Sherry Ing
  • Sofia Berselli

What our Participants are Saying

The student experience in the Global Goals Jam Canada Fall 2024 can be summarized as follows:

Students found the experience to be eye-opening and enriching, especially those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. They viewed it as a valuable opportunity for personal growth and societal betterment. The Jam encouraged students to think creatively and deeply about global challenges and provided a platform for teamwork and purpose-driven collaboration.

Participants appreciated the guidance from expert mentors, facilitated environment, the structured approach to ideation and problem-solving, and the use of templated tools like Miro for virtual and visual collaboration of a well-managed program.

For many students, it was their first exposure to such a high-energy and intense brainstorming and innovation. They found the experience educational and exciting. The program not only taught important  skills but also fostered a sense of unity among diverse individuals, emphasizing the power of collaboration and diversity. Many students commended positively on the mentorship, interactive breakout sessions, and the opportunity to meet like-minded and creative peers. Students highlighted the importance of learning by doing and gaining practical insights into entrepreneurship and innovation.

Overall, the student experience was described as fulfilling, intense, and educational. It left a lasting impact on participants and fueled their enthusiasm for future events and opportunities.

What our participants shared:

“I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the engaging discussions within our group, and I’m impressed by how effectively we’ve collaborated. It’s truly invigorating to participate in an exchange of ideas with individuals whom I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The diversity of perspectives has enriched our brainstorming sessions and has undoubtedly contributed to the innovative solutions we’re generating together.”

– Madonna C., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“Global Goals Jam pushed me to the limit of brainstorming in the last 3 days. It is a great avenue to grow as a change maker in raising the SGD.”

– Leah M., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“The Global Jam offers an exceptional experience where participants learn through hands-on activities and connect with individuals from diverse nations. Engaging in business discussions and cultural exchanges amidst this vibrant atmosphere is truly enriching”

– Nona R, Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“GGJ Has been an incredible experience so far, thank you to the amazing teams working on groundbreaking ideas”

– Sofia B, Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“Jams is the place to meet likeminded entrepreneurial people that want to make a change. Who knows, you may just end up meeting your team for your future successful start-up.”

– Santiago S., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

” This competition is available to anyone who has an idea that can create a more sustainable future. Even if you don’t win, you will receive valuable input from the judges and gain new connections.”

– Tran B., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“This is a great platform to get you connected to the planet.”

– Christiana A., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“Intense but helpful.”

– Nalisha B., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“Together we can make a difference”

– Ahmed S.., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant

“Great mentors!”

– Laura J., Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2024 Participant