The Sustainability Innovation Institute

Sustainable Impact Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change Leadership

The Sustainability Innovation Institute is a thought leader and champion to engage our students, community and society in sustainable learning, thinking and actions.

It is built on six founding pillars:

Pillar 1: Leadership & Governance

  • Forums, roundtables and retreats
  • Strategy and direction
  • Engagement with industry and organizational policymakers

Pillar 2: Policy & Advocacy

  • Forums and roundtables
  • Engagement with government and external policymakers

Current cause we’re championing: Canada’s 2030 National Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity loss is one of the world’s most pressing emergencies along with pollution and climate change, as recognized by the United Nations. We are losing species to extinction tens to hundreds of times faster than the natural background rate. Ecosystems are degrading at an unprecedented rate, driven by land-use change, exploitation, climate change, pollution and invasive alien species. Loss of biodiversity is anticipated to accelerate in coming decades, unless actions to halt and reverse human transformation and degradation of ecosystems and to limit climate change are urgently implemented.

The Government of Canada, through Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), is leading the development of the 2030 National Biodiversity Strategy and reporting on Canada’s progress. The Strategy will guide how Canada plans to achieve the new global goals and targets domestically. Fill out their survey here to provide your input on the Strategy!

The Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (COIE) is championing this cause and developing programming to raise awareness and support the gathering of input for the new national strategy. Stay tuned for more details!

Pillar 3: SDG-Aligned Social Innovation & Impact Entrepreneurship: SDG Innovation Lab

The SDG Innovation Lab offers five social innovation and impact entrepreneurship modules that align with the larger structure of the five tracks offered for all levels:

  • SDG Training
  • Global Goals Jam – Weekend Challenge
  • Tech for SDGs
  • Incubation Experience
  • Investment Readiness

Pillar 4: Knowledge Exchange & Collaboration

  • Conferences & retreats
  • Collaboration on joint projects with ecosystem experts, businesses and organizations
  • Interdisciplinary partnerships to generate sustainable solutions to global challenges

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Pillar 5: Education & Research

  • Workshops, programs and curated resources on various topics of interest
  • Research projects and collaborations with experts/organizations on emerging trends and topics of interest

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Pillar 6: Student and Community Engagement