The Sustainability Innovation Institute

Sustainable Impact Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Change Leadership

The Sustainability Innovation Institute is a thought leader and champion to engage our students, community and society in sustainable learning, thinking and actions.

It is built on six founding pillars:

Pillar 1: Leadership & Governance

  • Forums, roundtables and retreats
  • Strategy and direction
  • Engagement with industry and organizational policymakers

Pillar 2: Policy & Advocacy

  • Forums and roundtables
  • Engagement with government and external policymakers

Pillar 3: SDG-Aligned Social Innovation & Impact Entrepreneurship: SDG Innovation Lab

The SDG Innovation Lab offers five social innovation and impact entrepreneurship modules that align with the larger structure of the five tracks offered for all levels:

  • SDG Training
  • Global Goals Jam – Weekend Challenge
  • Tech for SDGs
  • Incubation Experience
  • Investment Readiness

Pillar 4: Knowledge Exchange & Collaboration

  • Conferences & retreats
  • Collaboration on joint projects with ecosystem experts, businesses and organizations
  • Interdisciplinary partnerships to generate sustainable solutions to global challenges

Pillar 5: Education & Research

  • Workshops, programs and curated resources on various topics of interest
  • Research projects and collaborations with experts/organizations on emerging trends and topics of interest

Pillar 6: Student and Community Engagement