VR Pitching Bootcamp

Practice and perfect your pitching deck and presentation in a simulated real-world environment with real-time feedback!

Developing a pitching deck and crafting a pitch is a fundamental skill to master for any startup founder. Whether presenting to a new client or a panel of seasoned investors, it is vital to deliver a flawless, powerful, concise and compelling pitch. This requires presentation/pitching workshops as well as one-on-one practice sessions with real-time feedback on iterative rounds of practices. Presenters often face discomfort and anxiety when speaking in front of a group and the solution to overcoming this is preparation and practice. But even with enough practice, another major issue is that practice is often far removed from the conditions and the ambiance of an arena with an audience.

We overcome these problems by providing simulated environments of an arena and the audience interaction using virtual reality sets and real-time automated feedback software.

The VR Pitching Bootcamp is a new 4-module program proposed by the Immersive Innovation Lab at Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Centennial College to pilot and develop a scalable approach of integrating pitch presentation with practice sessions using innovative immersive learning technology and simulated environments replicating real-world venue and audience experience.

The unique and innovative approach integrates the concepts of Business Model Canvas and the business pitch with the latest in technology-enhanced immersive exercises, improving pitching and presentation skills with feedback on the performance. The experiential learnings help aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners develop better presentation skill-sets allowing them to engage well with their audience while creating influence.

This pitching bootcamp is suitable for people wanting to learn to present and pitch flawlessly and impactfully to a live audience, improving their success at networking and pitching to help progress their projects and improve their chances of getting great partners and/or investment. The program will help startups and entrepreneurs develop presentations and pitching skills while getting a lot of practice with feedback till they have flawless delivery for any eventuality. The program is also helpful for existing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in medium and large sized companies. 

Below are the components of the bootcamp:

Module #1: Building a Presentation Deck

Learn what to present and how to create a winning presentation deck!

Module #2: Craft a Compelling & Memorable Pitch Story

Learn to narrate your value proposition and have an impressive pitch presentation for an impactful outcome!

Module #3: Immersive Pitch Training & Practice

Enhance, hone and improve presentation skills in simulated virtual reality environments! This workshop enables you to record and watch yourself, get feedback on your delivery, and develop essential skills that help you build confidence and influence. Simulations replicating real-world experience enable exploration of fundamentals of voice and body language, equipping you to feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed when pitching yourself in front of a live audience.

Module #4: Pitching Gala

The program culminates in a Pitching Gala with live pitch and presentations. You will take the podium and build additional confidence to present and answer questions while being evaluated by judges based on your pitch story, delivery, and audience engagement, with winners awarded cash prizes.