Programs for Businesses and Organizations

Innovate and grow your business/organization through our Business Innovation and Transformation Program!

If you are an operating business or organization and looking to innovate and grow, and increase your profitability or impact, apply for our Business Innovation and Transformation Program – a custom program to support  business innovation, transformation, growth and profitability for:

  • Any organization or small-to-medium size business
  • Operating in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Looking for innovative, new or improved products, services, processes or strategy.

Our Business Innovation and Transformation Program is offered in the following streams:

  • Business Model Design and Customer Development: Experiential program for developing an actionable strategic roadmap and building the business for early-stage enterprises.
  • Innovation and Growth Strategy Development: Business advisory program for Business Model Innovation, Strategy design and deployment for growth based on the need of individual local Business.
  • Market Readiness Program: a go-to-market strategy development program for technology commercialization.
  • Transformation Strategy, Innovation and Digital Solutions: Advisory program for organization transformation, innovation and productivity (digital strategy transformation, data-driven decision-making, process, system and organization optimization & restructuring).
  • New strategies and solutions for organizations advisory/ experiential program to develop strategy and solutions for custom challenges.