Meet Our Team

The Centre of Entrepreneurship is run by a small yet passionate, dedicated and diligent team who love what we do here. Read more about us below!

Lalit Guglani

Manager, Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Lalit (he/him) is a former CEO of four different small to medium enterprises turned innovator, educator, mentor, coach and investor in early stage enterprise nurturing innovation and growth. He has extensive experience in nurturing, turning around and growing businesses across different industries. He has experience in, operations, technical services, projects, sales and marketing, finance and supply chain in diverse environments prior to becoming CEO.

Lalit has put together and implemented successful programs for educating aspiring entrepreneurs in Toronto, managed incubators, run pitch competitions, business model validation experiential programs, in Canada and abroad. Lalit is the Founder of SDG Innovation Lab and its programming.

He has over 40 years of experience and is conversant with all aspects of business and has wide experience in identifying the issues/opportunities and developing and deploying an integrated solution to achieve the bottom line.

He holds BTech, MBA and is qualified Lean Launchpad educator.

Gabriella Zoltan-Johan

Manager, Startup Programs & Services

Gabriella (she/her) has over 30 years of international professional experience in a variety of industries in Europe, US and Canada, including the educational sector, agrotechnology and electronics technology R&D companies, and over 20 years in entrepreneurship program development and delivery. At Centennial College, Gabriella is working with staff, students, alumni, government and community providing entrepreneurship support and engaging all stakeholders to promote economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. Gabriella’s core strengths include business and strategic planning, business start-up, research and project management.

Gabriella has a BEcon from Corvinus University (Budapest), an MBA from the Schulich School of Business (Toronto) and she is an APEC Certified Business Counsellor (APEC CBC).

Arpit Singla

Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Arpit’s Bio

Arpit is a multidisciplinary design strategist and a former business owner with design thinking, service design, and foresight expertise. He has over 10 years of experience in enabling and empowering organizations to deliver impactful human-centric experiences by leading research and making sense of their environment. At the Centre of Entrepreneurship he assists with the development and delivery of training materials where he uses the latest in experiential education to help students build and enhance their innovation and entrepreneurship skills. 

He holds a BSc from Birla Institute of Technology (India) and a Masters in Design (Strategic Foresight & Innovation) from OCAD University in Toronto. He advocates for the use of technology to tackle healthcare challenges that promote healthy aging and well-being, which also supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Vicky Huang

Communications and Marketing Strategist, ARIES (Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services)

Vicky (she/her) is a joy-finding, purpose-seeking and adventure-loving sustainability champion. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Nutrition and Nutraceutical sciences. However, her experiences leading sustainability since middle school sparked her love for sustainability education so much that she decided to change her life path from veterinary sciences to exactly that. She has just completed her Masters in the Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) at LUMSA University and is excited for her career path.

Vicky believes that education is the ultimate catalyst for positive and necessary change in our society. She is very passionate about sustainability and values-based education that empowers our community—especially youth—to tackle the root causes of our societal crises.