Time Re-Imagined

Deangilo Watch MakingDeangilo Valentine, proud owner of Deval Watches began pursuing his dream of creating custom watches in 2013 when he realized that he had the natural talent of taking different components from different watches he owned and customizing them to his own style. His curiosity of understanding how these time keepers kept ticking led him to dissecting many of his most treasured time pieces but he would not have guessed that today, he would be turning this hobby into a viable business.

After many custom modifications, Deanglo made different watches that fitted his style. Although he made these for his own personal use, Deangilo noticed that he was getting better and better at the craft, as he would be stopped frequently and asked “where did you purchase that watch?”. It is from these regular interests in his creations that he discovered there was a market opportunity for him to produce his own watches, turning his hobby into a viable business, which led to his enrollment in the ACCEL program.

“At ACCEL they bring you to a level that you have not seen, with all the coaches here it is more than just business mentorship, you get personal mentorship as well.” Deangilo notes.

ACCEL has helped Deangilo to identify his target market and has taught him how to set himself apart from his competition by his Unique Value Proposition. His mentors have assisted him with the branding, pricing, sales, marketing and also the creation of a business plan for his business.

Currently Deangilo is rebuilding watches using the same method of taking an existing watch and doing an overhaul however, he plans to expand production through the support of the ACCEL program.deangilo with loop

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