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Globe and Mail, Tuesday, April 27,2021
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Empowering Future Leaders

Fostering Innovative skills to Redesign The World Through Changemaking Ventures. Join us to make the world better.
Impact Entrepreneurship
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Relentless Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

Programs and Activities for All Types of Enterprises at All Levels
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Entrepreneurship for All Levels

We support entrepreneurs and Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises to start or grow their own businesses.
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Are you an Entrepreneur?

We offer a suite of programs and activities that support those interested in entrepreneurship, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses.
Learn how COE-ACCEL can help you
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Become a Mentor

Mentor entrepreneurs and help launch their start-ups.
Become a mentor
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As part of ACCEL, entrepreneurs will have access to different funding sources through the accelerator and our community partners.

Support Network

At Centennial College we have made a commitment to drive innovation and entrepreneurship through this portal and the ACCEL initiative.

Technology Support

Participants who successfully complete the accelerator will have access to one-on-one coaching with an industry expert.




Our latest Global Goals Jam, a very exciting weekend challenge involving students, faculty, Institutions, community, and overseas partner

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“You Can’t Fake Passion” 1-on-1 with EastEnd Vegan founder, Melissa James


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