Mentorship Application Process

We need the help of willing and able professionals to achieve this goal now! We are looking for experienced people with the drive to give back or pay it forward–sharing their successes and failures with like-minded youth entrepreneurs.

The ACCEL program is calling all volunteer business professionals, industry leaders and corporate mentors. We want your experience, knowledge and networks to bridge the gaps as you assist young entrepreneurs in launching a successful start-up.

If you are an alumnus you may be interested in giving back to your college. If you are an entrepreneur, business manager, executive or administrator, you may wish to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives at Centennial College. Maybe you have a colleague or friend who would also be interested? ACCEL is looking for individuals willing to share their experiences with young people as they develop business ideas of their own.

As a mentor you will get to write tomorrow’s success story – guiding young entrepreneurs as they put their businesses in motion. Mentors should possess:

  • A strong professional background
  • Relevant business or technology experience
  • A network of professional contacts you can connect a student with
  • Experience working with youth
  • Familiarity with the inner workings of start-ups, financing and access to capital

If the opportunity to help out excites you, please fill out the application form here to get started: here.

We also need in-house guest speakers. Advice from the experts! We have a growing resource of guest speakers who present, in person, as part of conferences and workshops. These information sessions will also be available as recorded content via online podcasts and streaming. Speakers’ topics will include practical advice in the areas of sales, marketing, branding, communications, operations, finance, and business planning.
Advisor Volunteer Form