Accelerator Milestones

Individual Needs Assessment

Each business is different and will operate on the unique approach of the business owner – you. By meeting with us we will determine what your specific requirements are for developing your business to the next level. We will assess the business owners’ time investment, commitment to the business, available resources and current structure – among many other business needs.

Customized Service Plan

The purpose of this initial meeting is to develop a ‘roadmap’ that is unique to your business.

Business Plan Development

This is the core element of the ACCEL Program: we will help you develop or create your own business plan, and give you the ability to pitch that plan to lenders and investors. The business planning and development process is ongoing while you participate in the program and provides continued validation of your business idea.

Graduation and Demo Presentation

Once your acceleration is complete, you will be ready to pitch your
business idea to potential investors and present it at events such as the
Entrepreneurship Marketplace/Showcases.

Entrepreneur’s Association

As a new ACCEL entrepreneur you will become part of the Entrepreneur Ecosystem, where you will continue to learn and grow by participating in a professional network of like-minded peers.