The Accel Advantage

1. Accelerate your Business

  • Apply with your bio, business plan and strategy
  • Get selected for the program
  • Experience the entrepreneurship starter school with detailed business plan review and business development workshops (sales, branding, fincancial planning, etc.)

2. Expert Coaching

  • One-on-one consultations where entrepreneurs can learn from industry experts on business strategy, marketing, sales, legal, finance and branding
  • Establish weekly deliverables and monthly outcomes to solve specific business problems
  • Practice pitching at the ‘Board of Trade’ to fine tune your pitch to clients and investors

3. Dynamic Tracking and Monitoring

  • Establish a lasting relationship with your mentor
  • Receive ongoing business valuations
  • Track your own success through financial and personal milestones

4. Build your brand

  • Promote your company
  • Develop online campaigns via website & social media
  • Expand your business to business networking by continuing to pitch potential clients and investors

5. Expand the reach of your business

  • Acquire new assets, employees, resources
  • Track operations and sales
  • Build new professional networks and access to new income streams

6. ‘The Accel Advantage’

  • Complete a strong business plan that attracts investors/supporters
  • Achieve solid operations generating $3000/mo in income
  • Execute a consistent marketing plan to grow customer base