The Selection Criteria & Process

  • Centennial College student or alumni preferred
  • Have a business idea that can be developed into a new start-up
  • In the process of acquiring an existing business
  • An existing business in need of assistance
  • Have completed a business plan or summary
  • For existing businesses, you have financial statements available

Participation in the ACCEL program is limited. As such, we conduct a competition to select individuals to join the accelerator. If you are interested in entering into the competition you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the ACCEL application and tell us about yourself and your business. The application is located at:
  2. Submit a copy of your résumé, a brief biography and your business plan (in any form) via email to:

ACCEL staff will evaluate your business plan and assess your application. If you qualify for the program you will be invited to attend a one-week intensive business-training module we call the ACCEL Boot-camp. Here, you will practice essential business skills with professional consultants to improve your business plan before delivering your pitch to the selection committee at the end of the week.

  1. Boot-camp participants will pitch their ideas to a selection committee consisting of instructors, coaches, entrepreneurs and potentially peers, who will make the final decisions. Successful applicants will then be invited into a 6-month program consisting of the 3-month acceleration program followed by 3 months of follow-up business tracking.

Successful candidates will commence their participation with an experiential session hosted by a real-life multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

  1. Starter School is a one-session event hosted by Saud Juman who shares a life experience of dedication and commitment to entrepreneurship.

Participants are now ready to start their 3-month customize program with access to free consultations, mentorship and resources.

Now the in-class fun begins! You will start your 3-month accelerator customized program where you will receive free consultations, mentorship and access to resources.

Once complete, you will then benefit from 3 months of follow- up mentorship