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Right now, across the eastern GTA, there are people just like you, young people with ideas, looking to get their startups off the ground. Here is your chance to help them.


You will benefit from consultations on avoiding common start-up pitfalls, market research, financing, and overcoming growth plateau.


You will receive support and services from advisors, consultants and industry mentors who will assist you with the areas you will need to focus on, accelerating your growth and increasing revenue.

Calling All Seasoned Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Industry Leaders, and Corporate Managers

We have promising young entrepreneurs who need your experience, knowledge, and networks to bridge the gaps to owning a successful start-up through ACCEL. Are you interested in mentoring, judging, speaking, reviewing or other volunteer opportunities in entrepreneurship at Centennial College? Do you know someone that would be interested?

ACCEL is the new business start-up accelerator at Centennial College that helps youth aged 18-29 years start or grow their own business in the eastern Greater Toronto Area. ACCEL nurtures entrepreneurial youth, including qualified Centennial alumni. The Government of Ontario funds ACCEL through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). ACCEL is here to facilitate the maturation and acceleration of aspiring startups. That's why we need your help now!

We are looking for experienced people with the drive and passion to give back or pay it forward while sharing their successes and failures with likeminded youth entrepreneurs who are waiting for your help.

Holiday Offerings

Centennial College's new youth business accelerator, ACCEL (Accelerator for Centennial Community Entrepreneurs and Leaders) is up and running at two of our campuses. The two ACCEL Zones at our Progress Campus (in partnership with Centennial College Student Association Inc.) and our Story Arts Centre Campus (in partnership with our School of Communications, Media, and Design) collectively support more than 50 youth-led startups. These young entrepreneurs include our students, alumni, and youth from our community who are commercializing innovative products and services with support from the College and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

In the spirit of the holiday season, ACCEL's entrepreneurs are offering up to 30% off select products and services exclusive to Centennial staff and students. If you are a last-minute shopper or simply dread the crowded malls at this time of the year, you are in luck! This is your opportunity to buy a unique gift (with a great story behind it) and support a young entrepreneur from your own College.

To find out more about the featured ACCEL entrepreneurs and their offerings - please see link.

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